Best 10 Top Seedbox Providers In 2020 – Ultimate Guide!

Top Seedbox Providers

Are you wondering what is a seedbox or perhaps you’ve already switch using remote servers? Do you ever consider which seedbox provider is your right choice? Fortunately, your possible search will surely satisfy reading this ongoing article. Here we will explain everything you want to read about the best seedbox providers in 2020.  

Let’s start with an important question, which appears whenever we are asked about seedboxes, i.e., what is it?

Seedboxes are committed servers, which internet users can rent with monthly or annual plans. This remote server is supported on cloud and providers seeder with an amazingly standard speed connection and allows torrent downloading with remarkable efficiency. 

To be specific, a seedbox is alike a remote computer with torrent web applications, which allows users to download large torrent files on the top seedbox without extreme efforts. Typically, you can experience speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps on a seedbox, which is quite impressive when compared with any private networks.

The best seedbox will allow users to avoid ISP throttling and bypass eavesdroppers like the MPAA and RIAA. There are many seedbox providers available presently – most are small companies or individual owned. These seedboxes already gained excellent customer reviews and customized with an advanced system to serve more excellent. 

How To Use Seedboxes?

Seedbox is generally custom-made, and so users can install Usenet and Torrent applications quite rapidly. Once your online media gets uploaded to the top seedbox, you can easily unload it on your computer via FTP, HTTP, SFTP, or RSYNC Protocols. You can even straight away stream media unloaded in a seedbox with an application like Plex

Some seedboxes may offer virtual network computing connections or remote-system protocols on various machines. This option permits many popular customers (internet users) to be run remotely. 

Are All Seedbox Providers Same?

There are several seedbox providers currently available, some offer paid and other unpaid services. However, not all offer the same insane speed or storage options. Of course, unpaid services aren’t much advanced alike paid servers, customized with ample storage and privacy concerns. 

That’s not so easy choosing the best seedbox providers in 2020, which requires various significant aspects into consideration. Some of the right seedbox providers offer amazing services, such as – standard connection speed, ample storage space, privacy, anonymity, and a reliable support system. Therefore, seeders should always remember checking the quality of seedbox services ahead of selecting any particular provider.

Here are some proficient seedbox providers currently available in the market –

1. RapidSeedbox

RapidSeedbox is really noteworthy as it offers users with some great plans. This seedbox provider offers excellent customer-centric support with complete effectiveness and great speed over the internet. No matters what’s the time, your queries will be answered in seconds. They provide a wide range of choices with VPS ranging from 512GB to 5600GB, which is perfectly compatible with Plex. The quality of its user interface is utmost perfect and so recorded in the top 10 seedboxes list. 

2. UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox is also popular as “USB”, are one of the most reliable and affordable seedbox providers available nowadays. They provide cost-effective plans which are constant and ample speed while streaming videos. Even if you have a minimum understanding of remote servers, you can easily set-up a seedbox and start using it immediately. UltraSeedbox offers high-bandwidth to download large torrents. This also offers steady pings and speed to single internet users, and so you can enjoy online applications at affordable pricing. This remote-server is customized with an easy-to-use dashboard where users can install/uninstall numerous apps simultaneously. 


This is a well-renowned seedbox provider offering excellent choices as per virtual private servers are concerned. will offer users with storage space between 300GB to 4TB, which is great. This one is quite inexpensive and comes with 99.9% uptime assurance on their network. Whether you’ve just started using seedboxes or an experienced customer, you can simply recognize what suits your needs at an affordable cost. However, it isn’t available on normal virtual private servers and requires advancement.

4. DediSeedbox 

DediSeedbox is competitively priced and so it values considering. This particular seedbox provider offers 10GB/s bandwidth and extreme protection with OpenVPN to make the user’s connection perfectly anonymous. DediSeedbox is easily compatible with Plex for $10 per month. This is really priced very competitive and the quality of services is very good among other top seedbox providers.  

5. is actually a newcomer in the market, with excellent speed and storage options. This seedbox provider gives one of the most cost-effective services although still not prepared with good customer support. This remote-server ensures great security protocols and requires instant setup with subscription plans suits the need of every customer. Their most-renowned option is “Super Hero” priced at 19.99 Euros every month. All its subscription packages provide unmetered bandwidth and standard speed with 1Gbps.   


This particular server provides unlimited upload traffic on all plans, even on starter plans. is right for those who enjoy using Plex. They provide unpaid virtual private network services on every subscription and support a wider range of protocols like SoftEther and OpenVPN. In case you aren’t satisfied with its speed and other options, you can even ask immediate refunds.   


This is a popular French-English seedbox provider offering awesome cheap servers up to 500GB storage space. provides a wide range of VPS choices and generally subscription plans with 500GB, 1000GB, and 2000GB to 4000GB. This remote-server provides 10GB/s of high-bandwidth and great interface quality. However, its customer support system isn’t much reliable and maximum waiting minutes. This cheap priced seedbox will also perfectly suit all your needs. 

8. EvoSeedBox

This particular seedbox offers SSD seedboxes and committed servers along with 1 GB/s up and downlink connection. EvoSeedBox will offer you with 25 to 150 GB and limited bandwidth as well. If you’ve not selected any expensive plans, you won’t get sufficient bandwidth but can acquire immediate client support. 

9. SeedBoxBay

This is a reasonable seedbox solution if you are interested in starting new. SeedBoxBay offers economical and small virtual private server’s support along with 1500GB only. That’s not suitable enough to upload and store all your online media. This also provides 1GB/s speed connection, which is quite excellent with a small seedbox. However, it isn’t as quick and efficient as other best seedbox providers but still offers good client support as available always.    

10. Seedstorm 

Seedstorm is one of the oldest providers of 1 GB/s seedboxes and committed servers. They will provide a space of 350GB under $15 package, which is pretty good. If you want to start a new, it is quite suitable options with reasonable pricing. The quality ratio is even good along with a user-responsive interface. Additionally, users can expect to unload range to be 60 MB/s even on shared seedboxes. 

That’s a complete list of top 10 seedboxes 2020!

So, we’ve explained to you what seedboxes are and how to best use it. Additionally, we’ve outlined what you should consider while selecting the best seedbox. Finally, we’ve suggested 10 top seedbox providers currently available in the market along with subscription plans.  All you should do now is choose one of them and sign up today!

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  1. Sandra Lewis says:

    No, I will never recommend DediSeedbox to others. Although it’s upstream rate was pretty impressive but not upto the standard which other seedboxes providers are updated with today!

  2. Jack says:

    I have been using seedbox from UltraSeedbox since 3 years and I think it is one of the best seedboxes available out there in the market at affordable rates. UltraSeedbox offers high-speed remote servers for VPS hosting and committed servers.

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