About – Easy Tk

Easy TK is based in France, Europe. They offer various price packages which are cheap and affordable. 

  1. Seedy 100: Here the price starts at just 5 Euros. Clients will get 100 GB storage, 1 Gbps connection, unlimited slots, file manager, console management, mobile plugin, seedbox management via transdoid and standard support. 
  2. Seedy 150: In this package, the client gets all features of Seedy 100. But the storage will be 150 GB and the price is 7 Euros. 
  3. Seedy 200: Storage up to 200 Gb and Emby for streaming, Plex, VPN. Price is just 9 Euros. 
  4. Seedy 300: The rate of this package is 13 Euros. The client will get 300 GB storage, Plex, Emby and premium support. And last
  5. Seedy 400: The price starts from 15 Euros. The client will get 400 GB storage, Plex, VPN, Emby for streaming and also get the Proxy offer with premium service.

Easy TK, do not provide a free trial to their users. Easy TK provides one month, three months, and a one-year subscription. Compare with the other organizations in the industry, Easy TK offers low prices to its customers. But Easy TK does not offer any money-back guarantee to its customers. Besides this, Easy TK provides DDoS protection as part of its VPN features. This protects their client-server from any attack. Easy TK offers many applications to their end-users, which are: Xoops, OwnCloud, WordPress, NextCloudOsCommerce, and OpenVPN.Easy Tk also allows its customers to pick their operating system. Customers can start, stop, or even change the OS at any time in a click from their control panel. It also supports versions of Centos, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows server.

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