About – Meggafast

Meggafast is the 10 years old company in this industry. They provide a high quality of products in the market. Meggafast offers one of the cheapest rates in the market. Their lowest plan starts from USD 3.33. Meggafast offers 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2.5 GB/s line, unlimited torrents, Rutorrent GUI, control panel, allowed public tracker, control panel, SSL certificate, FTP, HTML download/upload option and 27/7 support. Meggafast offers minimum price rate to their clients. They have 3 price charts. 

  1. Entry Level: Charge of the seedbox starts from 1.50 Euros per month. They provide 50 GB to 950 GB storage space. 
  2. Advanced Level: In these plans, they offer dedicated seedbox servers which starts from 16 Euros per month for 1 TB dedicated server. 
  3. Professional Level: In this plan Meggafast offer streaming seedbox servers with Plex and Emby. The price starts from 22 Euros monthly for 1TB to 2 TB dedicated server.  

Customers can select any offer by clicking the order button on their official website. Meggafast offers their services seedbox services in many countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Latin America and almost all Arab countries. Meggafast also offers secure and fast client services to their end-users. They also provide safe downloading of the torrent. 

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