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In the field of small seedbox Pulsed Media has an impressive track record in the industry. By this seedbox, customers can upload to up 3MBps file. But Pulsed Seedbox is the oldest seedbox company. They have a data centre in France, Finland. Presently they are providing 100 Mbps to 1 Gbit speed to their clients. They also allow their customers to Public Torrents and offer competitive pricing packages. They provide many rate chart in the market, like, Mushu- it costs 18.99 Euros and 3 TB storage, Toruk- it costs 29.99 Euros and has 5 TB storage, Shenlong- the price starts from 49.99 Euros and here customer will get 10 TB storage, Temeraire- it costs 79.99 Euros and have 16 TB storage. Pulsed Media also provides M10G-10GBPS Raid5 Seedboxes which rate is started 9.99 Euros to 47.99 Euros. Their Value1000-1 GBPS Raid0 seedboxes price starts from 6.99 Euros to 23.99 Euros. Some of the service features of Pulsed Media company are: 

  1. They provide Rutorrent with most of the plugins installed. 
  2. Pulsed Media offers its own software Pulsedbox which integrates with customers OS and makes easier to use torrent files. 
  3. They also allow public tracker. Customers can download movies from the tracker with their FTPS and Https provisions to download. 
  4. Pulsed Media also offer 14 days money-back guarantee to their clients. 
  5. They also provide great Trial boxes. 

In one word Pulsed Media is one of the best seedboxes provide company on which customers can put trust. 

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