About – RapidSeedbox

Rapid Seed Box is one of the popular Seedbox providers which was established in 2008. As a dedicated service provider, Rapid Seed Box offers nice solutions for the customers who are looking for a Seedbox or dedicated server.

Rapid Seed Box does not only offer VPS ( Virtual Private Servers) but also some dedicated servers on which the customer’s bandwidth won’t be split between several users. Rapid Seed Box offers the best quality of client support. Rapid Seed Box thinks customer support is a crucial part of any organization and best user experiences.

The client service in Rapid Seed Box is responsive, efficient, and friendly. As far as all these criteria are concerned Rapid Seed Box is more than a perfect organization that provides a great quality of seedbox. Rapid Seed Box offers five different packages to their clients. These packages normally easily suit all your expectations. Indeed, the client can pick up any solutions between 500 GB and 2.800 GB. Rapid Seed Box also offers Plex and 5 GB RAM instead of 4 GB RAM. The end-user will find something that suits them. In terms of quality of the interface, indeed, Rapid Box Seed is the best service provider.

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