About – Seedbox fr

Seedbox Fr is one of the reliable seedbox providers. They are a French company and offer the best seedbox solutions to its customers. Seedbox offers high quality and premium seedbox which have Plex installed. If the end-user wants to download the movies and directly stream them on Plex, this is the solution they need.

Seedbox Fr also provides insane price competitiveness. As per the recent market price compares Seedbox Fr offers the cheapest price in the market. In one line one can find a cheaper rate somewhere else, but they would never have the performances offered by the Seedbox Fr.

The company also offers a free seedbox trial for thirty days. In this trial period, one can get 50 GO of storage which is honest. As a Seedbox Fr customer, one can get very good client support. If you have any issue they will certainly face that and try to solve that as fast as possible. Like the competitors, Seedbox Fr offers an anonymous connection to their end-users which will perfectly protect them from being spied on.

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