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Seedboxbay provides a great seedbox tool to its users. Privacy concern is the main factor for any organization. Seedboxbay offers services with great security in the industry. As a reputed company, Seedboxbay has many features as a seedbox service provider.

Faster Download Facility, Seedboxbay provides faster download facilities. One can get an unrestricted connection with 1GBPS speed. The customer can download and get as much speed as they want. It is so fast that one can download HD quality movies within a minute.

Stream Media Files, Seedboxbay is responsible for hosting media files because they feature Plex and KODI pre-installed. Seedboxbay also offers a media center enabling fast browsing. One can view directly from a web browser. The end-user can access online files directly.

Data Storage: Seedboxbay offers clients the best facility for data storage. With the help of hosting a seedbox, one can upload big files daily. Without having any trouble. Seedboxbay provides 450 GB data with FTP connectivity. To check the data one can just need to set up a storage of seedbox, which will instantly access all online files.

Privacy and security: Seedboxbay provides high quality and stable privacy.

Allows to use of P2P Traffic: Seedboxbay allows their customer to download and watch files at any time without any issue. Seedbox bay provides easy to use a web browser that allows convenient file upload and download. Seedboxbay provides three kinds of packages. The of the packages are Baby which starts from just USD 5 monthly, Seeder starts from USD 10 monthly and the last one is Torrent Master which price starts from USD 15 monthly.  If you want the best service you can take the seedbox services of Seedboxbay.

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