About – Seedit4 me

Seedit4me is established in the halfway of 2019. Since its establishment Seedit4me is providing good quality of seedboxes in the market. They are new but as per their service is concerned Seedit4me is already proven their track record.

Seedit4me provides customer-friendly and cost-effective seedboxes in the market. They provide good quality seedboxes by bloating their services with additional apps features. For this character ties, Seedit4me already has a long client list. Seedit4me offers a wide range of variety like- Plex, Couch Potato, Medusa, Emby, Deluge, Filebrowser, Open VPN, Radarr, Bazarr, Sonarr, Rutorrent, etc. Seedit4me is offering affordable pricing which is very much flexible. They have four types of packages which start from 9.99 Euro per month. Seedit4me offer 1Gbbps connection to all their customers. They also offer free VPN, shared IP, Plex server from 1080 P to up to 4 K, Root access, etc. All price packages have standardized speeds across the board. Seedit4me also supports a variety of security protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, and OpenBox. 

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