About – Seedstorm

Seedstorm is one of the oldest companies in this sector. For many years Seedstorm is providing seedbox to its customers. They are the key player who has many happy customers in their bags. Seedstorm is one of the major divisions of Obtrix. Seedstorm emerges as a key market player in 2008. From their establishment to since the present time Seedstorm has been offering high quality, non-oversold seedboxes to their clients.

Seedstorm is committed to high-quality services. They have experienced teams in this field. They are always committed to their clients. Seedstrom has established itself as the best seedbox technology provider. They also provide enterprise-grade servers and the best software. You have many reasons to have Seedstorm as your service provider. First, Seedstorm provides very good download speed. If you compare with the other competitors in Seedstorm downloading a 2.5 GB file took less than a minute.

Seedstorm customer service is good and their response is direct to the point. Seedstorm believes customers are their main priority and for this reason, they provide technical support 24 hours a day. Seedstorm offers four kinds of monthly plans to their customers. Their packages are divided into four categories which are Storm 1, Strom 2, Storm 3, and Storm 4. Customers can choose any plan as per their requirements.

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