About – Seexbox CC

Seedboxes cc is reliable seedbox provider from long time. They provide affordable web hosting, elegant and simple seedboxes with full features.

Seedboxes.cc offers many services to its clients. They provide a dedicated Plex server with optional Gdrive integration. For secure and private browsing they offer complimentary VPN to the customers. Seedboxes.cc also offers seedbucket to manage the client’s seedbox and cloud storage. Seedboxes.cc offers an affordable price rate in the market. They have five packages with competitive price rate in the market. The name of the first package is Bat Box which starts with 13.44 euros. The name of the second package is Gremlin Box which costs 17.95 Euro. Vampire Box is the name of their third package which costs 26.95 Euro. Fouth and last packages names are – Zombie Box and Red Dragon Box. It costs 35.95 Euro and 71.95 Euro. Seedboxes.cc charges monthly.

Seedboxes.cc also guarantee the money-back policy to their clients. During the first week of their service if the customer is not satisfied with their services they can ask for a refund. But at Seedboxes.cc they are very much confident about their seedboxes and services. Seedboxes.cc also specifies the terms of service (TOS) which specify the guidelines for using their shared hosting services. 

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