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After ample research and evaluating 10 top seedbox services, we are considering RapidSeedbox is the best seedbox solution today! With unlimited bandwidth, ample storage space, outstanding customer support, easy installation, and affordable plans – we consider it is one the best seedboxes out in the market. 

You may get yourself in need to download torrent files at some point. If you are in such circumstances, you aren’t alone anyway. Torrents are generally unloaded with using a peer-to-peer file-sharing system and account for the maximum of the traffic over the internet. The cheap seedbox will offer a committed server, which allows the seeder to access several online media staying in any address. Also, it’s pretty much important if you are streaming online videos or games regularly. 

Why Should You Use A Seedbox?

Seedboxes are remote-servers supported on the cloud, allowing users to upload and unload large torrents files security and at an insane speed. The top seedbox is an excellent system efficiently run over every computer user, including games, movie watchers, and office professionals. They offer remote access to dedicated high-speed servers. 

Therefore, seeders are allowed to privately attain access to torrent-sharing advantages, which aren’t available anywhere else over the internet. These are major reasons why seedboxes are presently considered advantageous –

  • Downloading Torrents
  • Extreme Speed
  • Uploading Files
  • Getting Around ISP Restrictions
  • Protecting Your ISP Address
  • Broad Content Selection
  • Gain Access To Restricted Torrent Websites
  • Privacy And Anonymity
  • Additional Resourced To Help You Get Started

How To Opt For The Best Seedbox 2020?

There are multiple seedbox options available today! Here we’ve already outlined the usage and advantages of the cheap seedbox. And so, you can consider below options to get started –

1. RapidSeedbox

RapidSeedbox offers automation and excellent streaming services to seeders across the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and France. Their services are operational from France and the Netherlands, which are currently consider as some of the top server locations. This popular remote-server provider’s offerings are compatible with – Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Open VZ 7.0. 

RapidSeedbox is customized with pre-installed apps and currently offers six plans ranging from €11 to €55 per month and storage options per plan is 512 GB to 5.6 TB. This seedbox provider offers more control options and outstanding customer service compared with other seedboxes. 

2. UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox implements remote-servers situated across the Netherlands. Their seedboxes are compatible with Plex and all plans come with ample storage options as well as great price ranges. Seeders will receive instant setup and up to 8TB of storage options with every premium connection. This seedbox provider renders automatic reactivation of slots and various plans at affordable charges monthly. 

UltraSeedbox maintains wider seedbox slots, which are categorized as – SSD Plans, Plex Optimized Slots, and Robust Slots. Therefore, seeders can choose whatever is most suitable at affordable rates. 

3. SeedboxBay

SeedboxBay primarily runs with intel servers and not offering ample storage space as other seedbox providers, which is intended. The corporation is seeking seeders, who want smaller storage space at affordable rates. This seedbox provider will allow users with instant activation and setup upon payment completion. SeedboxBay provides 99.99% uptime guarantee to seeders. The company allows private as well as public trackers. Also, its plan comes with FTPS/FTP or HTTPS/HTTP access along with Sonar, Plex, CouchPotato, and HeadPhones are preinstalled. 

If you are in search of more storage space, SeedboxBay renders committed servers across France. The server cost is pretty much reasonable and starts from $15 per month for 2GB of RAM and 160GB HDD. 

4. runs individual network paired with a core router connected with multiple 10Gbit uplinks to ensure unlimited bandwidth. offers excellent server coverage across France, Netherlands, and Romania. This remote-server provider offer shared and committed slots to seeders. Supporting all major protocols, such as – FXP, FTPS, and FTP with excellent customer support. 

5. Seedstorm

Seedstorm is a completely new segment of Obtrix, which’s offering remote servers since years. Seedstorm’s premium-grade servers are situated in the United States and Netherland, although it is primarily situated in New Zealand. Seeders can enjoy 1Gbps connections with all plans and customer support is available 24 x 7. Every plan is restricted to 300Mbit upload and 1000Mbit download but only unload in counted with bandwidth. 

Seedstorm renders major server plans and no contracts are required. Also, seeders can opt for over-limit packages ranging from $15 to $45 per month. Seeders can choose among 1500GB, 1000GB, 750GB, and 500GB of disc space and 10TB, 7.5TB, 5TB, and 3TB of bandwidth. 

6. DediSeedbox

DediSeedbox is actually situated in the Netherlands at Evoswitch Date Center. This particular seedbox comes with pre-installed apps, OpenVPN, installable apps along with 10Gbps unlimited traffic. This cheap seedbox setup is automatic – users will receive seedbox information within a minute after payment is cleared and offers extreme-security encryption as well. 

DediSeedbox runs perfectly with virtual private servers and committed servers. This seedbox provider also renders three kinds of slots – VPS, Seedboxes, and Dedicated Servers, which ranges between $110 and $140 per month. 

7. EvoSeedBox

EvoSeedBox mainly renders primary servers and situated across the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, and France. Offering Seedbox and Box+ Plex Plans, with most connection comes with Plex support. This seedbox provider offers cost-effective monthly plans and allows seeders to upload upto 20TB of Bandwidth. 

EvoSeedBox is compatible with all popular gadgets and websites, along with virtual private network’s support to ensure you remain anonymous. Their seedbox plans start from $5 to $26 per month, which is indeed reasonable. 

  8. Meggafast

Meggafast is a newcomer, offering affordable server plans starting from $3.40 per month. Their remote server offering involves shared and committed seedbox options, with 100GB to 2TB of bandwidth. Their major slots involve 1Gbit of speed, FTP over TLS, basic VPNs, and SSH access. 

9. renders its seeders with amazing options over servers. They maintain quite a simple and regular website along with ample storage options with every connection. is also a new seedbox provider in the market and within years is actually popular among other seedboxes. They provide unlimited bandwidth and dedicated ISP addresses along with SSL encryption on all apps. Additionally, seeders will get a seven-day refund policy with every new connection. 

10. Pulsed Media

Pulsed Media renders its seeders with quite expensive plans when it comes to the best seedbox. After you’ve selected a seedbox plan, you can also choose whether you want extra visitors and more storage space along with your existing plans. Pulsed Media endure seeders with 99.9% uptime guarantee and extra storage options as well. 

Their remote-servers come with 1Gbps network connection and necessary information about the instant setup with every seedbox plan. Seeders can also seek preconfigured seedboxes and experience a quick start. 

To conclude, you can enjoy ample cheap seedbox options available currently at affordable monthly rates and sufficient storage options. The top seedbox available in over viewpoint is RapidSeedbox. Hopefully, you are satisfied with our write-up and your idea about seedboxes is made cleared now!

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    Extremely good support accepted for this remote-server provider – ultraseedbox This seedbox provider offers insane speed, and yes internet users alike me will just love the high-speed bandwidth while watching online movies and downloading torrent files.

  2. Harry says:

    Have tried a number of other seedbox providers since years and don’t have to any longer, now I’m using EvoSeedBox for the last 3 months. That’s also not upto the mark!

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