Top 10 Seedbox of 2020 That You Must Know About

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How many times have you received the intimidating pop-ups while downloading a torrent file online? Many users do not consider to opt for torrenting as they are incapable to download or seed files because of sluggish home connectivity. However, there’s a solution for all and in case of smooth torrenting it is the seedbox hosting that helps.

Seedbox is a remote hosting server that offers a high bandwidth data center. This readily serves the purpose of fast-paced downloads and seeding of torrent files. Now the avid torrent users cannot do without using this super server that enables them for remote hosting. Even the cheapest seedbox can give you an impressive speed that allows users with fast-paced downloads. However, if you are on the hunt for a top seedbox then we are here to help you out.

Now finding the best seedbox isn’t an easy task. Nevertheless, we have taken the initiative of finding the top seedboxes of 2020. Seedboxes that deliver the best performance and are value for your money as well. So, without further ado, go through the below listed top seedbox and choose the best one that satiates your torrenting needs.

1.    RapidSeedbox

RapidSeedbox is one of the best seedbox providers that a user could come across. A highly customer driven seedbox provider that offers relentless customer support for users. Although, it is a bit on the pricey side still it manages to be in our list because of its impressive performance as a remote hosting server.

This server hosting provider does an incredible job of offering dedicated customer support that is available 24×7. As promised, the team of client support are friendly and efficient that work collaboratively to provide the users with active response no matter what. But that’s not all, RapidSeedbix has a huge hub of VPS options that are compatible with the media streaming feature Plex.

You can make your choice for VPS ranging from 512 to 5600 GB. Now that’s definitely one of the prime reasons why we have included this seedbox provider among the top seedbox list. RapidSeedbox that offers 1GB/s speed with 500 GB HDD is definitely worth the try.

2.    UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox is another name that deserves a place in this list of top seedboxes. It offers users some of the best plans that are totally worth it. With its latest Plex optimized plans, it has gained popularity among the users online. UltraSeedbox has been in the dedicated hosting server field for a long time and because of which it offers huge data streams.

Loaded with plenty of hosting plans to choose from this one is definitely a hit among the consumers. A reliable customer support, high quality bandwidth offering, rapid setup and more, this one is definitely worth a try.

This seedbox hosting provider accepts almost all major paying modes. Also, if you aren’t happy with their services you can get a full refund with their 7 days money-back guarantee. It also offers some great discount offers if the user opts for their long-term plans.

3.    Seedbox io is another great choice if you are someone who is looking for great VPS options. You’ll get to choose from 300 GB of up to 4 TB worth of storage space. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are an experienced client, you will be able to find plans that suit your needs perfectly. This seedbox provider also offers the users to place orders for SSD or dedicated server seedboxes.

Now, looking at the pricing criteria, is definitely noted among one of the cheapest seedbox hosting providers. This one charges its users 1 or 3 cents per GB that could be considered as one of the best performing servers for tariffication. However, if you are willing to use Plex then you need to purchase a separate “Plex Server” as it isn’t available with normal VPS.

Also, in terms of performance, won’t disappoint you at all. As of the latest terms & conditions, the users are enabled with 10GB uplinks on almost all servers. You will have a smooth torrenting experience once you opt for this cheap and best seedbox hosting provider.

4.    DediSeedbox

The list of good features for DediSeedbox is long. This one is a strong contender among the list of top seedboxes. This one created a revolution in the seedbox hosting industry when it first introduced unlimited bandwidth that allowed the users for impeccable data transfer and that too at increased rates.

It offers the users with OpenVPN connectivity which makes your activity completely anonymous. DediSeedbox is also compatible with Plex. Both OpenVPN and Plex are available to install with this server with a “one click” installation option.

And that’s not all, this super remote hosting server provider offers an impressive amount of disk space of 1TB and that too with the basic monthly plan of $15 only. This one is truly one of the best seedbox providers that would be totally worth every penny of yours.

5.    Seedbox fr

This seedbox hosting provider may not be loaded with many plans to choose from, however, has the well-tailored plans that would suit your needs. is a French and English server provider that offers cheap and best quality plans. Yet again, this one offers a large variety of VPS options to choose that is always a favourable attribute.

Although there are only 3 packages to choose, they are uniformly distributed as per the client’s usage. They have 500 GB, 4000 GB and up to 16 TB seedbox storage space. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will get the apt plan to pick for your usage.

With an impressive interface and incredible quality/price ratio this one is surely a worthy seedbox hosting provider in the list.

6.    SeedBoxBay

SeedBoxBay is yet another name that offers cheap prices and great solutions for seedbox hosting. You may not get a wide range of plans to choose here, but we are pretty sure that you would find something that would suffice your requirement.

However, what makes this seedbox provider to be noted among the top seedbox list is the active and efficient customer support. Although by comparison, the client support may not be as smooth as RapidSeedbox, nevertheless for what price you would be paying SeedBoxBay offers incredible customer support.

Available to offer effective solutions 24×7, they communicate with the users via skype or ticket system. Now although, with the cheap price and decent performance, this seedbox provider may not be too suitable for a user that has large requirements. However, if you are one of those who is just getting used to the idea of VPS then this one is a perfect hosting provider for you.

7.    Seedit4 me deserves a place in this list for its wide range of affordable packages loaded with amazing features. Among the variety of packages, the most popular and chosen plan is the 1500 GB HDD storage plan that offers 2 GB worth of RAM. All the packages featured at give the user access to a plethora of apps with a “one click” installation feature in its client’s dashboard.

You will get as many as 36 apps even if you opt for a starter pack. Also, all of the packages except the starter pack comes along with a Plex server that enables the users to stream media right from their seedbox server itself. The higher package you choose, the higher streaming quality you would get. also has live chat support to help their users with rapid and effective solutions. They also have set up a decent FAQ page that offers a little more insight about their offerings. All in all, this one is a pretty decent seedbox hosting provider that deserves a mention in this list.

8.    Cloudboxes

Cloudboxes is a Netherland based server that offers amazing features for the users. They have a very simple and regular website, however, don’t let that get into your mind as this one has everything in its store to offer. You get three packages to choose that are fairly priced depending on the client usage.

Out of the three the most opted and popular plan is the €14.95/month that gives the users 1 TB disk storage space, 20 Gbps uplink, unlimited 4 TB connection and more incredible features. With instant setup and “one click” app installation this one is one of the best seedbox hosting providers that one could opt.

9.    Easy-Tk

This French location-based hosting server is another great addition to this list of top seedboxes. With premium quality customer support, active updates of featured apps, easy and rapid setup, this one is a great seedbox hosting provider.

One of the prime perks of opting for this server is that any fault will be resolved immediately as they have a dedicated team of experts that are constantly monitoring the service.

10.  ISeedFast

Lastly, Iseedfast is another great seedbox hosting provider that offers its users with all the amazing features. With 24×7 customer support, constant monitoring, speed optimized software updates and more this one offers the best hosting services.

The number of seedbox hosting providers are many as the demand for it goes up every single day. However, the above-listed seedbox are the top seedbox hosting providers as per our analysis based on price and performance. Choose the best one that suits your hosting needs and enjoy the many perks out of it.

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