Top 7 Reasons to Own a Seedbox

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In the past couple of years, seedboxes have become insanely popular among members of the torrent community and for very valid reasons so. Seedboxes are nothing but private dedicated servers that are utilized for the purpose of quickly uploading and downloading torrent files. They are getting insanely popular because they are being safe as a fast, effective and very secure way of downloading torrent files from the Internet. If you have been flirting with the idea of getting yourself a top seedbox, but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the many benefits of a top seedbox! Let’s get started!

1. Lack of online time:- If you are someone who happens to travel frequently then downloading torrent files on your mobile is not the best way out for you. Downloading torrent files on the mobile is riddle with a lot of complexities like low traffic limitations and other issues. When you get yourself a top seedbox you will be able to download the files of your choosing and leave them running for the purpose of uploading. You don’t need to be online at all times for the purpose of downloading torrent files, if and when you begin using a top seedbox. You just need to set up the cheap seedbox and the seedbox will download the files for you, without you having to remain online.

2. Overusing your hardware:- Even if you are using a high-qualuty computer, it is not ideal to run it all day long for the purpose of downloading or uploading files because there’s a chance of your bandwidth getting clogged. On the other hand, a top seedbox is equipped with robust hardware which is capable of running operations 24/7 without any need to shut it down for a few hours or days for its optimal functioning.

3. Peer-to-peer traffic is prohibited in certain places:- Peer-to-peer traffic is prohibited in certain places like schools, workplaces and even homes. One way of working around this issue is by using a top seedbox which will download your files that you can use, once you get back home. A cheap seedbox is equipped with a convenient web browser-based management that helps in easily management and downloading of torrent files.

4. A top seedbox will make you a VIP member in a private community:- If you are a part of a private community, then it is very important on your part to ensure that the ratio or standing is meeting the standards. If you are unable to meet the ideal ratio or fail to meet the prescribed target ratio, then there’s always a chance of you getting kicked out of said private community. Thus the best way out is to use a cheap seedbox to maintain your ratio by seeding torrents without th need to be online at all times.

5. Privacy & anonymity:- The Internet is increasingly becoming more of a public place, but that doesn’t mean that your files or downloads need to be visible at all times to others. When you begin using a top seedbox or a cheap seedbox, you will have absolute control over your privacy since only you can access your files through an account login. Further, a top seedbox is equipped with an OpenVPN which enables encrypted connectivity that comes in handy while browsing online.

6. Streaming of video files:- It is common knowledge that a cheap seedbox can easily host media files. What you might not know is that some seedboxes in today’s day and age come with pre-installed apps like Plex or KODI. These pre-installed apps can literally turn the cheap seedbox into a media center allowing you the ability to sort your favorite video content in beautiful libraries and then later watch them directly from the cheap seedbox by streaming it through a web browser or a streamer.

7. Cheap storage:- The rising competition among seedbox companies has ensured that players in this segment are doing everything in their power and ability to out-do their counterparts. This has ensured that the seedboxes hitting the market are now equipped with better and advanced features. One particular area where seedboxes has improved has been their storage capabilities. In today’s day and age, seedboxes are armed with a lot of space that can be used to store files. This means that when you begin using a cheap seedbox you will be able to save a lot of space on your local machine. All you need to do kis to download the files straight to your seedbox and keep them on the seedbox for usage at a later time. You can download the files from your seedbox to your computer through the FTP method and other methods.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the top 7 reasons for owning a seedbox if you haven’t already done so. They have a lot of benefits which can make torrenting very easy. These are a must for people who happen to frequently download and upload stuff from the Internet. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in a pocket to get yourself a seedbox. This is because you can get yourself a dedicated seedbox for as low as $40 and you can get on a shared cheap seedbox for as low as $10 where you will have to share the seedbox bandwidth with others but you will still manage to avail speeds of atleast 30Mbps.

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